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shouting at windmills

proud / brave / crazy?

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I used to be deltacephei. Considering my obsession with astronomy at the time, it fit, adopting the name of a star. Unfortunately, that's what a bunch of other people thought as well. And nothing beats being unique, right?

You'll find entries about/of fanfic, podfic and fanvids on this journal, sometimes my own, oftentimes recs. I'm not a frequent poster, much less about topics other than fannish things. This is just my happy place.

If you want to record, remix or otherwise adapt any of my fanworks, please feel free to do so. You have my blanket permission. Just drop me a line and let me know about what you're doing. Mainly so I can be all giddy about it and spread the word.

And in case you're interested, the LJ-header was inspired by a song by Nik Kershaw:

Don Quixote, what do you say?
Are we proud, are we brave, are we crazy?
Don Quixote, what do you say?
Are we shouting at windmills like you?

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