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Update: Dean/Castiel recs

I updated my Dean/Castiel recs. The new additions are also behind the cutCollapse )

SPN fic: More of the Same

Post "Swan Song", with spoilers up to then.
Rated PG-13, 8800 words, Dean/Lisa and Dean/Castiel pre-slash, Lisa's point of view.
Thank you to flawlessglitch for the beta!

Dean has been staying with Lisa and Ben for two months, and he still insists on sleeping on the couchCollapse )

SPN!crack: Don't Do Me (Any Favors)

I think the heat is getting to me. (I wanted summer, but seriously, 35 degrees? What happened to those moderately warm, nice summers that lasted for weeks? Now we've got either 16 degrees or 35. Where's the fun in that?) Aaaanyway, apparently the heat leads to me writing weird things:

Supernatural, rated R, 4500 words. Dean/Castiel, Sam, Gabriel. Not to be taken seriously. Seriously.

Thank you to flawlessglitch for the beta!

Naturally, with the Trickster, things weren't over even when they were overCollapse )

SPN Dean/Castiel fic recs

So. Dean/Castiel fic recs.

And because I'm lazy, I'm not changing the running (McKay/Sheppard kind of) system:

This collection of recs is sorted by category. The one I chose for a fic should already tell you a lot about the reasons I like it. Because all the fics on this list are very well-written and with great characterization I'm going to mention it here and get it out of the way. The individual recs include only short, more specific comments (like rec'd for...), or quotes, which are indicated by italics. Call me lazy (again), but I'd hate to spoil anyone with too much detail.

The ListCollapse )

More mutlifandom podfic recs

Podfic rec post, extremely multifandom. Even if I say so myself.

In no particular order:

Dark AngelCollapse )
CSICollapse )
Ironman (Movie)Collapse )
Burn NoticeCollapse )
The X-FilesCollapse )
SupernaturalCollapse )
NCISCollapse )
Stargate AtlantisCollapse )
SmallvilleCollapse )
MerlinCollapse )

SPN fic: Bouncing Back

Okay, so I probably shouldn't have written this, since I have so little time and so much to stuff to do. But all work and no play...

Supernatural, gen , PG-13, 5000 words. Set sometime between 5.18 and 5.21. Spoilers up to then. And also: speculation. Beta'd by the fabulous trystings.

Dean gets it. He finally gets it.Collapse )

Multifandom Podfic Recs

I've been wanting to do this for a while. Podfic! What's not to like about podfic? *g*
These are old faves as well as relatively new findings. Without further ado and in no particular order:

HouseCollapse )
Due SouthCollapse )
MerlinCollapse )
LeverageCollapse )
Stargate SG-1Collapse )
Stargate AtlantisCollapse )
Harry PotterCollapse )
SupernaturalCollapse )

Psych fic: The Road to Tikihama, Part 1/2

This fic is a tag for the episode Tuesday the 17th. It's 15k words of Shawn/Lassiter first time, rated PG-13, with humor and a little angst thrown in.

And just so you know, this is not a story about a chance meeting of two insomniacs. This is a story about beer, a machete, the fashion police, zebras, egg salad, Truth or Truth, the c-word, and handcuffs. With sprinkles on top.

Many thanks to snarkydame and to trystings for their invaluable beta reading services! ETA: *facepalms* Also, tacittype during the early stages of this fic. Thank you, guys!

Part OneCollapse )
Part Two

Or read it all in one go at the AO3.

Second batch of SPN recs

This is the second batch of Supernatural recs. Again Dean/Castiel, unless otherwise indicated.

fanficCollapse )

podficCollapse )