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It's happened again. This thing where everyone goes crazy about some show and/or pairing, but I'm like, meh, not for me. Only those words come back and bite me in the ass not much later, when I get hooked and proven oh-so wrong. Why should this time be any different? So. Fic. Of course.

Nobody Mentioned There'd Be Dates Like This (@ AO3)
Rated PG-13, 3259 words, Derek/Stiles, also featuring Erica and the sheriff and much talk of, and some actual, dating. Not to be taken too seriously, because, well, fun!

"You're free on Saturday," Erica tells Stiles, looking a strange mix of bored and menacing. "I'll pick you up at seven."

Beta duties and newbie handholding admirably performed by bewarethesmirk.


This is a somewhat belated post, since Yuletide was already declassified on Sunday. But I really think I should be excused on account of being somewhat sick and still recovering from not-so-great holidays. (Not as bad as that maybe sounds, but not cheerful either.) One of the good parts of them was Yuletide.

I received a Warehouse 13 fic centered around Claudia. The author works with a really clever idea of a Warehouse feature and gave me Claudia just as I like her: brilliant and funny with a dash of kinda-crazy: Seventeen by justhuman.

I was assigned Haven, a fandom I hadn't written before, with a request for the OT3, which I haven't really done before either. It was an example of great Yuletide matchmaking. I enjoyed writing this so much. It reminded me how much I liked this season of Haven and how much I love the characters. And watching the Christmas episode along the way just poured oil into the flames. I have templemarker to thank for the great prompt that inspired me to write this for her:

Proverbial Trees
Rated adult, Audrey/Duke/Nathan, just shy of 10k words.
It didn't seem real before. Not until Duke got a third set of dishes for his boat.

*sighs* I do love Yuletide and the excitement and the gifts (giving and receiving) that come with it. Until next year.

Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy fic recs

I've been sitting on this post for a while now, but somehow the list was never complete. It still isn't. There will possibly be updates in the future.

Again, because I'm lazy, I'm not changing the running (McKay/Sheppard and Dean/Castiel kind of) system:

This collection of recs is sorted by category. Several categories may apply for one fic, and the one I chose for it should already tell you a lot about the reasons I like it. Because all the fics on this list are very well-written and with great characterization I'm going to mention it here and get it out of the way. The individual recs include merely quotes, which are indicated by italics. Call me lazy (again), but I'd hate to spoil anyone with too much detail.

Should you encounter any mistakes or broken links, please let me know!

The ListCollapse )

H5-0 fic: Leaning on the Brakes

I did it again. I went, "Oh, I don't think I'll ever watch this show. Doesn't look like it's for me." Then, for whatever reason, I take a peek and fall hard for it. I think it's a pattern.

So, this is a Hawaii 5-0 Steve/Danny pre-slash fic, rated PG-13, 8000 words. It refers to events in Powa Maka Moana (1.17), but is otherwise without serious spoilers. It was improved by the invaluable beta skills of trystings. The title was inspired by Interpol's "All Fired Up".

The first time it happened, there was a grenade involved. That's all Danny's got to say about The Incident. It's all anyone really needs to know about it.Collapse )

This is the second part of the Moebius series, following No Victory (As Big As The Lesson). It won't make much sense unless you've read that first.

SPN gen, 2100 words, rated PG-13. Dean and Castiel, season three AU, post season five. (No, really.) The title was borrowed from Tina Dico's "An Open Ending".

Thank you to trystings for the beta!

Warning for previous, sort of canonical character death.

So maybe Dean will appreciate the tragic part of this tragicomedy later, when he's too sober to enjoy the funny bits.Collapse )

SPN fic: Provider

SPN fic, Dean/Castiel, with a bit of Castiel/Meg and a tiny smidgen of Dean/Castiel/Meg.
4200 words, rated NC-17. Featuring voyeurism, sort of.

This is a sequel to Proxy, which is mainly Castiel/Meg and should definitely be read first.

Thank you to flawlessglitch for the beta!

Sam looks up from his computer, does a double take and says incredulously, 'Dude, is that a hickey?'
'No,' Castiel denies immediately.
Dean moves closer and squints at the spot in question. Castiel flushes bright red under the scrutiny, and yeah, that's totally a hickey.

ProviderCollapse )


Originally posted at http://deltacephei.dreamwidth.org/41040.html.

SPN fic: Proxy

This fic is a number of firsts. I've never written sex for the sake of writing sex before. In fact, I've hardly written anything x-rated, not to mention graphic het. And I wrote the first draft of this in one go, which is also not really me. I blame it all on the fact that Castiel/Meg is way hotter than it should be.

SPN, Castiel/Meg, one-sided Dean/Castiel, set after 6x10.
2800 words, rated NC-17.

A huge thank you to flawlessglitch for the beta!

Demons don't pray. They'd never even think of it. Except sometimes speaking up towards heaven seems like the more demonic thing to do.Collapse )

New Dean/Castiel recs

Yes, still here, not dead. Am now located in new apartment and slightly incapacitated at the moment. I shouldn't even be typing. Ah, well, this list was mostly typed up, anyway, and just needed posting. (Now edited - twice - because apparently I fail at alphabetizing. *headdesks*)

The majority of these recs are the result of my browsing through the recent deancasbigbang and Secret Angels IV fic exchange, plus a few from-- all over, really.

Full list here. New recs hereCollapse )

SPN fic: No Victory (As Big As The Lesson)

Okay. This is all berlinghoff79's fault. Sort of. A little. If we hadn't discussed that thing about that other show and the trope it represents and how that pops up regularly, this fic probably wouldn't have been born:

Alternate ending for "Swan Song", with spoilers up to then.
Gen, rated PG-13, 2400 words. Beta'd by trystings.

ETA 08/2011: Renamed due to unforeseen emergence of sequels. So this is now the "Moebius Series". The individual titles were taken from Tina Dico's "Open Ending".

Warnings: Character death (canon, kind of). Serious sadness.

Somehow, it's never overCollapse )

This is a tag for the SPN episode 5.16, with spoilers up to then. It's a "what if" kind of thing that sends things off in an AUish direction. As for the Joan of Arcadia connection-- This is set about five years after the series finale.

Gen, rated PG-13, ~7700 words. In which Joan plays celestial FedEx girl once again.

This was beta'd by flawlessglitch and mshaffer (Thank you, guys!) und fiddled with afterwards by me. Title borrowed from "Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors" by the Editors.

Someone Turn Us AroundCollapse )